• Full-bodied coffee with an upfront burst of flavour.

    Not just for sea-swimmers!

    Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

    As the water got colder and the winds grew sharper, we soon started demanding more than just great taste from our post-swim coffee. We needed something with enough of a caffeine kick to get us moving again before our fingers and toes fell off and we needed something with an immediate burst of flavour to cut through the salt and get our taste buds working again. We also wanted a coffee we could drink either with milk or without, because some days heating up milk to bring in a flask is too much hassle and we need all the heat we can get so we never use cold milk after a swim.Nothing delivers base strength and silky smoothness like strictly high grown Mandheling beans from Sumatra so this was a great starting point. We added some beautiful clean, bright, Yirgacheffe beans from Ethiopia to give the coffee more bite and to bring the flavour forward in the profile. A Segovian from Nicaragua complimented the length and added some sweetness in the finish without crowding out the Mandheling. A final seven percent of our favourite Brazilian brought the whole thing home. It's terrific coffee and it's great anywhere.
  • Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

    .Jaggy Loko is a very special coffee. Don't take our word for it, the judges at the Great Taste Awards, the most prestigious of all coffee awards gave it two gold stars in 2019, saying:"Good looking beans, individual varieties seem to have been roasted separately. We tasted it as espresso then with milk and the rich fruitiness is suddenly developed. Such a good chocolatey, malted biscuit finish.  You set out to create a great flat white and that's exactly what you've done."The inspiration for Jaggy Loko came when we found its primary constituent, a lovely rich dark Colombian with the longest finish we’ve seen in a long time. A broker from The Hague tipped us off to a small consignment and we snapped it up straight away. We have since secured a regular supply of this lovely bean. We rounded out the top notes with a very smooth Sumatran Mandheling to counteract its tendency towards astringency and added some big high-grown Brazilian beans to make it more amenable to milk. Touches of Honduran and Mexican Arabicas complete the picture.
  • Rich smoothness with complex finish

    Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

    The backbone origin of this blend is a lovely Colombian Bourbon which gives the coffee its amazing smoothness and the earthy nuttiness in the initial flavour. The rich intensity of a small quantity of darker roasted Honduran beans kicks in then, filling your mouth with a more complex fruity sensation with a satisfying bite (but no bitterness). This evens out to reveal the rich carbonised coffee notes in the finish. Bourbon Manizales is great black, as an espresso or Americano but the Brazilian Daterra, the third element in the blend really lends itself to milk, opening up the flavour and allowing the milk proteins to bring it all together.
  • Rich, dark gourmet coffee

    Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

    Our French Roast coffee is not as dark in colour as some French blends but it has all the big flavour and aroma you would expect from a French roast, with a subtlety in the finish that you just don't get from other roasters. We generally don't dark-roast coffee at all. To our thinking, it is far too simplistic to let the roaster run on for a few minutes longer or to crank the temperature up a notch after the first bean crack. This will give you the distinctive taste of a classic French blend all right, but it destroys all the subtleties in flavour and the underlying taste notes that really make coffee such a pleasure. Dark-roasting or over-roasting can hide some flaws in poor quality or mediocre beans, this is why it's so commonplace, but it can also damage the delicate flavours and the wonderful complexities of great coffee. Our French Blend coffee is every bit as strong and as rich as any French blend on the market, but with more sophistication and intensity of flavour than any dark-roasted blend. We guarantee it. 100% Arabica. 

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