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Life is too short for mediocre coffee

Everything we do at Dreambeans is aimed at getting a superlative cup of coffee into your hand. We roast to order in small quantities. We roast first and then blend, not like most coffee companies who blend first and then roast. It’s easier to do what everyone else does, but it’s not the Dreambeans way. Every bean, every varietal needs to be roasted slightly differently to get the very best from the bean. We take the time to do this. It takes longer but its well worth it.

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Why is our coffee so much better?

It’s simple. We buy the best beans!

Dreambeans Coffee is never going to be a big business; it’s too niche. There aren’t enough customers who will take the trouble to seek out the best coffee, who are discerning enough to realise that what most of the world considers good coffee is really second grade mediocrity. Similarly, there aren’t enough roasters, who know enough about blending coffee, about hitting the right notes of emphasis with the right beans until you achieve results that are superlative. This is all the better for us. We need such small quantities that we can buy from specialist growers who supplement the main crop coffees that they sell to the big guys with “specials” that they keep for aficionados.

Coffee chosen by roasters, not accountants.

When you’re buying in small quantities, price isn’t the deciding factor on a purchase. A hundred dollars in the difference for a tonne of coffee isn’t going to break the bank for us if the coffee is worth paying it. It’s only an extra ten cent a kilo, after all. Happily, we haven’t got a whole floor of accountants looking over our shoulder so we can buy whatever coffee we want to buy. We always buy on quality. Life is too short for mediocre coffee.