Bourbon Manizales
Rich Nuttiness


Rich smoothness with complex finish

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The backbone origin of this blend is a lovely Colombian Bourbon which gives the coffee its amazing smoothness and the earthy nuttiness in the initial flavour. The rich intensity of a small quantity of darker roasted Honduran beans kicks in then, filling your mouth with a more complex fruity sensation with a satisfying bite (but no bitterness). This evens out to reveal the rich carbonised coffee notes in the finish. Bourbon Manizales is great black, as an espresso or Americano but the Brazilian Daterra, the third element in the blend really lends itself to milk, opening up the flavour and allowing the milk proteins to bring it all together.

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A great coffee, named after the small city of Manizales, high in the coffee region of the Andes mountains in Colombia where farms are small but productive and coffee cherry processing is taken incredibly seriously. Here, almost all of the coffee is washed or wet-processed, but because farm are so small, they pick only the ripest cherries each day and allow them to dry ferment in the sun for a period before the wash. Afterwards the green beans are dried in parabolicos for 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the temperature an sunshine levels. This uniquely Colombian approach allows the terroir flavours to shine through. The uniform ripeness of the small harvests allows great consistency and this type of fermentation and processing brings out clean, vivid and complex flavours that leave no hiding place for any imperfection in the beans or the taste profile. Great coffee really benefits from this approach, middling coffee gets its mediocrity exposed.

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Rich Nuttiness”

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