A Gift Card for your favourite coffee lover.

Give them them pleasure of choosing for themselves.

For coffee lovers,  the whole process of choosing a coffee and deciding what beans you’ll order is part of the pleasure of getting your hands on great coffee. Knowing what you’ve ordered, looking forward to what’s coming and anticipating the delivery can be very enjoyable. Give someone in your life the pleasure of great coffee. Give them a Dreambeans Gift Card and let them choose for themselves. They’ll love you for it.

The Dreambeans Gift Card generates a unique code which is sent to the email address provided.  You can enter the lucky recipient’s email address and they will receive the code immediately by email, or you can enter your own email address and simply give the recipient the code in person or post it to them in a greeting card. All they have to do is enter the code in the box provided during checkout. The recipient doesn’t have to spend it all at once. The amount they spend will be deducted from the total and the balance will be available the next time they want to buy coffee.