Beautiful balance with decent bite and citrus topnotes

Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

The backbone of this coffee is a beautiful strictly high grown (SHG) bean grown high in the mountains of Segovia, Nicuaragua. These bright, hard beans create a delicious citrus fruity topnote that softens into an almond-nougat sweetness in the finish. The smoothness of High Segovia is typical of these slow growing beans from the high altitudes of the Dipilto mountains but the crisp acidity of this batch is untypical. This acidity gives the coffee a very satisfying bite and kick, without ever crossing the line into bitterness. We added a very good Brazillian Daterra to this blend, to open up the flavour profile and allow it to cut through the creaminess if you drink it with milk.