Cafe Supremo
Rich and chocolatey


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Great Rich Coffee Blend, Best With Milk

Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

The base notes of the Cafe Supremo blend are best described as rich and chocolatey; unsurprising, given the fine quality Brazilian origins of its main component. The complexity in the body and the length of the finish are provided by selected high grown beans from Nicaragua and Ethiopia. These beans that give the coffee its unique accents and rich mouth-feel are roasted a few degrees lower than most beans, and cooled immediately to enhance and lock the flavour in. All in all, Cafe Supremo is a great blend of finest grade coffee beans for milk-based coffee in particular, although it works fine as espresso on its own.

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Long, Lingering Satisfying Finish

Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

Cafe Supremo is one of our most popular coffees, not only due to the richness of its taste, but also because of the versatility of the blend. Cafe Supremo is very forgiving of imperfections and variances in water supply in different regions. The coffee tastes as good in London as it does in Dublin or Edinburgh, each of which has a significantly different water supply.#


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1 review for Cafe Supremo
Rich and chocolatey

  1. Jen Connolly

    Bought it for my husband for Christmas. He loves it and he is obsessive about coffee.

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