The Best Decaf Coffee We've Ever Tasted

Mix and match any 4 bags of coffee and pay for only 3*

We were never really fans of decaffeinated coffee until we found this amazing Mexican bean a few years ago. Every other decaf coffee we ever tried wasn't nearly as good; they just couldn't compete with regular coffee. So why is Decaf Dream so good? We're not really sure, to be perfectly honest. We think it's just a happy accident of terroir, treatment and natural selection. The coffee is grown at high elevation (like very many great coffees), it isn't harvested any differently and we don't really treat it very differently in the roaster, but the results are just amazing. After a fairly straightforward medium roast at medium to low temperature, it tastes just like a top grade bean with full caffeine, it has great length, the mouth feel is terrific and it even has a great crema from an espresso machine. It's a real find and it has opened our eyes to how good a decaf coffee can be. Now, we drink it late at night and we especially love it with a drop of Baileys, brandy or even a nip of whiskey after dinner.*Discount is applied in the shopping cart.