Hand-made, Hand-roasted, Hand-painted.

We love these hand-painted videos that Caoimhe O’Dwyer has made for Dreambeans. There’s a whole series of them, which we’ll be rolling out over the next while. We love this low-tech, hand-made way of making video. It really chimes with our approach to making coffee.

Artisan Coffee

We do things a little slower here at Dreambeans. We take more time roasting coffee than any coffee roaster we know. Nearly all our coffees are blends, made up of different coffee beans, each one contributing something important to the flavour and texture of the blend. Most coffee roasters mix the all the beans together first and then roast them all together at the same temperature and for the same length of time. This isn’t how we do it. We do it the slower way. We roast each variety separately and we mix the coffee after it’s roasted.  This takes longer and takes more effort but it’s worth it. Every coffee is different and every origin has a sweet spot of temperature and duration that brings out the very best in the bean. If you take the time to roast every origin separately, you’ll get a much better cup of coffee.

Taste the difference

This hand-made, hand-roasted approach is what makes Dreambeans coffee so special. See for yourself. You can taste the difference in every single cup.