Coffee and cycling. A quick survey

We are working on a new coffee blend, specifically for cyclists and for cycling. Of our small team in the Dreambeans roast house, four of us are cyclists. We know that cyclists take their coffee very seriously. The coffee stop is an integral part of nearly every leisure spin and the pros take their coffee intake very seriously, measuring and tracking caffeine levels to ensure that they are ready for the optimum endurance and effort at just the right point of the race.

We want to hear from as many cyclists as possible to get their input on our new blend so we have put together a short survey (only a few quick questions) to find out what cyclists really want and how we can design our coffee to suit the cyclists’ needs.

Click this link please:

This link will take you to a Google doc where you can answer our few questions in less than a minute. Thanks a million. We really would appreciate it if you could share this with your cycling buddies too.

Many thanks.

Pat McArdle.

Coffee for cycling