The Specials.

They’re Great!

You can only buy them here.

These special blends are exclusive to this website and they aren’t available anywhere else. The only place you can buy them is right here. These beans are sourced and roasted with the same care and attention as all the Greenbean blends, but they’re a bit different than the beans Greenbean sells to coffee shops. Coffee shops have a lot of different customers, with different tastes. Some are real coffee aficionados, some mostly come in for the buns. In a coffee shop, you get all sorts. The coffee  has to be a crowd pleaser and it has to appeal to everyone. This isn’t a bad thing, and it really challenges the roaster to be on top of his game. On a website like this, though, there’s more freedom; we can be a bit more creative. If you’re buying your beans online, we know you’re serious about your coffee. We know you’re looking for something special. You’ll love the Dreambeans specials.

Coffee beans espresso
Coffee beans espresso

Coffee for Coffee Lovers.

It’s in a league of its own.

These specials have it all. Taste, texture, length and finish. Yet each one has its individual personality. Each blend will reveal something new about the beans, the terroir, the growing season, the harvest. Each one is different. Our own personal favourite changes from week to week. No matter how good a coffee is, after about a fortnight, it becomes habitual. We love changing it up, finding something new. When our palate becomes accustomed to the taste notes of a particular coffee, it’s time to revert back to an established favourite or, better still, try something new.