coffee for sea swimming
Sea swimming in Salterstown

Coffee and sea swimming

Like a lot of people, we started swimming in the sea during the first lockdown because the beach was one of the few places we could go. Little by little, the swims became more frequent and by the beginning of May we were swimming every day.  All summer long, swimming was a lifesaver. A bright spot in every day, something to look forward to, somewhere to meet people outdoors and have a chat over  a lovely coffee on the pier. Some days we’d bring coffee with in flasks, and some days we’d wait until we got home for our coffee because we live less than 2 songs on the radio from the beach. All very relaxed, all very casual.

Caoimhe and the kids in the water at Salterstown.
Our six kids, post swim at Salterstown Pier.

But then October came and all that changed overnight. All of a sudden as the water got colder, the coffee became a central, essential part of the swim. We preheated flasks, brought hot milk, brought hot water to warm the cups. Anything to make sure the coffee was hot and delicious when we got out of the water. Caoimhe and I started tasting too. We talked to Ireland’s most experienced coffee roaster,  Pat Grant of Greenbean Coffee, and we started trying different beans, different blends, changing up the roasting profiles.

Little by little, Rising Tide emerged. We love it. It’s perfect for the beach or the pier. It gives you a great burst of hot flavour as soon as you take the first sip. The’re enough caffeine in it to get you going but not enough to give you the shakes. Now when we swim, Rising Tide is our coffee of choice. Even though it has a decent caffeine kick, it’s still smooth and full flavoured. You can make it as strong as you like and there is ZERO bitterness, just deliciousness and lovliness.  Try it and see.